The Best of Costa de Almeria

This is Gulf of Almeria belonging to Almeria province in between Murcia and Granada on the southeast Andalucia. The coast has this weird scene and you will find long and wide sandy beaches and small bays. There is also a landscape of dry desert, vegetable and fruit plantations, green oases and mountain ranges as well as forests. There is a little of everything in this coast giving out the weird but very interesting outlook to it.

The often bright and cloudless sky of Costa de Almeria means that it experience great sunny intervals through the year and the climate is hot, dry and subtropical Mediterranean. It is an attractive and popular tourist destination especially with the warm climate during most days of the year. Even winters are quite warm meaning that the coast can be enjoyed at any given time.
The coast has scarcely inhabited landscapes, pristine beaches and few resorts. The resorts have modern structures and facilities with the best in the Gulf including Almerimar, Adra, Vera, El Toyo and Aguadulce. It is also a unique coast with nature reserves and hot spots which include the following:

Cabo De Gata: it is a few minutes from capital and happens to be very beautiful. You will find the pristine beaches here very interesting as they are made up of salines and dunes. It is surrounded by fishing villages and is an area which is best for divers as a result of the clear crystal water here. Worth visiting is the fauna and flora which include pink flamingoes.

The lagoons: Albuferas De Adra found on an environment that is desert like are major attractions and cannot be missed for anything while on this coast. Here you will find numerous animal species protected and you will even have the chance to watch and enjoy from observatories based here.

The mountain range: Sierra Maria has snow capped mountains and very dense forests. The forests have plenty of birds among them golden eagles. You will also find here rare animals such as foxes, genets and wild cats. It is a major tourist attraction in the region. Sierra Alhamilla is another beautiful and attractive mountain range that is composed of pine forests. You will find birds, weasels, wild cats and foxes here.

Costa De Almeria has very interesting things to offer and it is one of the unique places in Spain where you get a little of everything in one place.