Pictures of the main Beach in Bolnuevo (on the left and right), taken in August 2017. The centre image is the bay at Punta Cueva de Lobos overlooking Playa del Rincon.

Bolnuevo - Overview

The village of Bolnuevo lies within the municipality of Mazarrón and forms part of the run of beaches known as the Costa Cálida.

A popular village with tourists, residential property owners and second property owners, Bolnuevo boasts a number of interesting natural landscapes, including the “erosions” or Gredas of Bolnuevo, a singular limestone formation sculpted by the wind and rain, the Rambla de las Moreras which provides natural protection for wetland species, the Sierra de las Moreras which is a protected area and is home to a number of protected species and a series of wild coves and sheltered beaches.

The main urban area of Bolnuevo runs along the seafront, and its vast open beach with shops, restaurants and a camping caravan park providing a full range of basic services, and residential accommodation close by. Properties right on the seafront itself are limited and most of the accommodation in Bolnuevo stretches up the hillside behind the main road. There is very little apartment property on the hillside, most of the houses on offer being villas, many of which have superb views over Bolnuevo and the Mediterranean beyond.

As buildable land is limited in the Bolnuevo area, the area maintains a coastal village feel, and is on the edge of a large open area of natural space and wild beaches, yet is close to larger concentrations of foreign owners, so provides a good social life, making it very popular with foreign owners who want to live in real Spain yet enjoy the support of an expat community.

Although Bolnuevo was undoubtedly transited by the Phoenician traders who left their mark in nearby Mazarrón and was used by the Romans to ship out ores and salt fish products, most of the historical remains in the Bolnuevo area are more modern, the sixteenth century watchtower used to warn of impending attack by Berber pirates the most distinctive monument in Bolnuevo village.

This area of the coast was frequently the subject of pirate attack and one of the most notable dates in the local calendar is that of the Romería de Bolnuevo, or Romería del Milagro, which celebrates the miraculous escape of the villagers from attack by Berber pirates.

Each year thousands of people participate in the Bolnuevo Romería, which is also known as the Bolnuevo Sardine Festival by locals who enjoy the free sardines doled out on the beach after the 7km walk.

Bolnuevo is a homely community, its population swelling considerably during the summer months when its vast Bolnuevo urban beach and series of wild coves attract thousands of holidaymakers.

Bolnuevo is well-serviced by nearby Mazarrón town and the Puerto de Mazarrón, or port of Mazarrón, where there are excellent facilities and shopping opportunities. The major cities of Murcia and Cartagena are both within a 45 minute drive, offering a rich cultural scene and major shopping centres.

The San Javier airport is a 45 minute drive from Bolnuevo.

Where is Bolnuevo? Click for map: Bolnuevo, Mazarrón, Region of Murcia

Bolnuevo lies within the administrative municipality of Mazarrón.